Pure & Healthy Finland Ltd is a Finnish family business established in 2016. We are a supplier and wholesaler of medical and wellness products based in Finland. We sell and convey trade globally. Our customers include medical sector, cities, municipalities, states and other wholesalers.

The cornerstones of our operations are high quality products and great customer orientation. 

Pure & Healthy Finland Ltd. Operates within the International Standards and offers certified products. We proudly work with verified distributors and manufacturers ensuring high product quality levels.

Our supply networks assure lead time in following areas;

  • Product management and supply chain handling
  • Logistic handling
  • Product supervision and communication with local manufacturers
  • Quality controls and audits within factories
  • Cargo Inspections

Detailed product cards may be found in our material bank. Please note that material bank may only be accessed with access code. If you wish to visit our material bank, please contact us on info@phfinland.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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